About Us

BluCollr started with a simple question: why isn't there an employment social network for manual labor industries?  

During a cross-country road trip in late 2017, our founders were passing through the Denver, CO area when they noticed the massive construction boom that was going on there at the time. One of our founders suggested that they buy some basic tools and try to pick up a couple of weeks of work to cover the cost of the trip. But it quickly occurred to them that finding a decent job that matched their skillsets could take several days, if not weeks, to find through classified ads, walk-ins or word-of-mouth.

While the idea of trying to find work in Denver was quickly abandoned, the problem it highlighted was not lost on them: the process of finding jobs and hiring workers in the skilled, unskilled and seasonal labor industries was incredibly inefficient and strangely antiquated for 2017.

The conversation soon shifted to a broader discussion on the challenges of using existing technology to find jobs and hire workers in the trades. Our founders observed that neither they, nor most of their peers, had ever used any of the existing employment social networking platforms to find jobs or hire workers. To them, the reason why was fairly obvious: these platforms were created by white collar professionals, for white collar professionals – they simply weren’t designed to meet the human resources needs of blue collar workers and employers.

Over the next several days – between long stints on the road and late nights out in the backcountry of our National Parks and Forests – our founders continued to contemplate and discuss this question. By the end of the trip, they had decided to  build a different kind of employment social network: one created by working people, for working people.

Our Founders

Together, our founders have decades’ worth of cumulative experience working (and looking for work) in industries ranging from general construction to trucking and food service. They created BluCollr with the intention of revolutionizing the skilled, unskilled and seasonal labor markets by providing a long-overdue and much-needed improvement to the means by which men and women in the working trades and seasonal labor industries find jobs, hire workers and connect online.

Chris Lawrence has served as BluCollr's Head of Business Development and Marketing since our inception in January 2018. Chris began his journey in the working trades when he was sixteen years old. As he worked his way through high school and college, he developed his skills as a carpenter’s apprentice while also taking jobs in the food service industry. After completing his undergraduate studies, Chris embarked on a career in sales and marketing to include positions with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals focusing on business development and brand promotion. Throughout his professional career, Chris continued to develop his skills in carpentry, ultimately deciding to leave the corporate world to become a lead carpenter installing custom millwork and high-end finish carpentry in the New York Metropolitan Area, the Hudson Valley, and beyond. In 2015, Chris opened his own custom construction, woodworking and furniture business based on Long Island. 

Chris Carsten has served as BluCollr’s Head of Operations and Strategy since our inception in January 2018. Chris first started in the manual trades when he was fifteen years old working as a bus boy at a local catering hall on Long Island. Throughout his teens and twenties, Chris worked in the food service, construction and trucking industries to put himself through college. After completing his education, Chris served as an intelligence officer within the US Intelligence Community where he gained valuable experience in analysis, operations and risk management as well as significant international exposure. After leaving government service, Chris accepted a position with a major investment bank where he worked on a range of issues across operations and risk management.